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A1. Beef or Vegetable Gyoza

Deep fried Japanese dumpling

5 pieces $5.95 / 10 pieces $10.95

A2. Yakitori

2 Skewers of grilled chicken breast and vegetables


A3. Age Dashi Tofu

Deep fried tofu with teriyaki sauce


A4. Shrimp Tempura

5 pieces of deep fried shrimp


A5. Tempura

2 pieces of deep fried shrimp and 4 pieces of assorted vegetables


A6. Vegetable Tempura

6 pieces of deep fried assorted vegetables


A7. Sushi

6 pieces of nigiri sushi


A8. Sashimi

10 pieces of assorted raw fish


A9. Sushi Pizza

deep fried sushi rice, topped with fresh salmon, crab meat, tobiko, green onion, and seaweed flakes

Plain $9.5 / Spicy $10.5

(fresh tuna, B.B.Q eel or cream cheese available with extra charge)

A10. Korean BBQ (Kalbi)

b.b.q beef short ribs marinated in special sauce


A11. Edamame

fresh baby soy beans, boiled and lightly salted


A12. Ika Calamari

crispy and spicy battered calamari


A13. Takoyaki

6 wheat-flour based batter balls with deep fried octopus


A14. Vegetable Spring Rolls

6 pieces of spring rolls with assorted vegetable filling


A15. Soft Shell Crab

deep fried soft shell crab